Having a hard time fitting financial planning into your already busy life?
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Financial Planning for busy professionals and entrepreneurs

Overwhelmed with the options when it comes to financial planning and can't find the time to research it on your own?

Stressed because you've become so busy and now your investments have gotten disorganized?

Feeling like you are already behind and should have started sooner?

Are you looking for an advisor to help keep your financial plans on track? 

Hello! I'm Michelle and I help busy professionals and entrepreneurs take control of their financial planning in the midst of juggling their busy lives. 

I enjoy working with other busy professionals and entrepreneurs because I can relate to them and their struggles. I, too, am an entrepreneur, and I know how hectic things can become. I aspire to be the trusted advisor who brings peace of mind to my clients so they can feel confident focusing on their careers, knowing their financial plans are on track.  

LPL Financial Advisor

Michelle Shaheen-Wires 

melissa a.

"I've been working with Michelle for over 16 years. She started me right out of college with an IRA. Since then, she has set up a solid retirement plan for my husband and I. And now we have a college account for our son. We live over an hour away and both have very busy schedules but we know Michelle will keep us on track. Between email and remote meetings, she makes it very convenient for a busy family like ours!"

samantha m.

"We needed a retirement plan for our small business. We weren't sure where to start. Michelle went over the different options and set us up with the one that makes the most sense for our small business. She handles the investments for us so we can focus on running the business. We wish we would have started it sooner, but we thought it would be a lot more complicated."

Carla t

"I changed jobs twice in 10 years but never took the time to rollover my retirement accounts. I had also opened a few different IRAs along the way and had lost track of what I had and where I was contributing. Michelle got me organized and consolidated and now I'm more comfortable knowing someone is keeping track for me.."

rebecca l

"I lost my mom last spring. I wasn't sure how to handle her investment accounts. Michelle walked me through the whole process and even set me up with an estate planning attorney. I really appreciated her patience at such a difficult time in my life." 

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